The July 5th deadline for the Secretary of State’s office to have finished ballot counting for the 2018 California primary election has passed, and the Peace and Freedom Party is thrilled to see the excellent performances turned in by our statewide candidates.

Most importantly, they received more than enough votes for the party to stay on the ballot through 2022: State law requires only that a single candidate from a given party reach the 2% threshold to maintain that party’s ballot status, and PFP’s three successful candidacies – those of Nathalie Hrizi, Mary Lou Finley and Kevin Akin – shows a solid base of support for the country’s only mass-based socialist party, with over 74,000 registered voter members statewide on election day.

In the primary, PFP candidates did particularly well in the San Francisco area, traditionally a stronghold of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Note that the below-listed figures are not quite the *final* results, but virtually represent the grand totals. These totals will be certified by the Secretary of State next week, and there is a possibility that a tiny number of votes may be added during this process, but this is not likely.

Peace and Freedom party candidates:
Vote totals in California Primary 2018

Gloria Estela La Riva for Governor
Election night vote total: 8,579
As of June 15: 15,366, or 0.3%
As of June 25: 17,909, or 0.3%
Final tally: 19,059, or 0.3%.
Gloria finished ahead of 15 other candidates in the gubernatorial race, including all No Party Preference candidates and all other candidates of small parties. Within San Francisco, Gloria finished ahead of 18 other candidates.

Gayle McLaughlin for Lt. Governor (a PPF endorsee)
Election night vote total: 112,246
As of June 15: 221,051, or 3.9%.
Final tally: 263,049, or 4.0%.
The 16.4% Gayle received in San Francisco placed her in an impressive *fourth place* in the Lt. Governor race in that area.

C.T. Weber for Secretary of State
Election night: 29,422
As of June 15: 51,673 (0.9%)
As of June 25: 59,097 (0.9%)
Final tally: 61,310 (0.9%)
In San Francisco, C.T. received 1.3% of votes cast.

Mary Lou Finley for Controller
Election night: 127,920
As of June 15: 219,171 (3.9%)
As of June 25: 250,566 (4.0%)
Final tally: 261,573 (4.0%)
Mary Lou received 4.5% of the vote in San Francisco.

Kevin Akin for Treasurer
Election night: 71,164
As of June 15: 126,044 (2.2%)
As of June 25: 142,498 (2.3%)
Final tally: 148,118 (2.3%)
With a big 9.5% of the vote in San Francisco, Kevin finished ahead of both Republican candidates in this race.

Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner
Election night: 157,886
As of June 15: 269,666 (5.0%)
As of June 25: 304,822 (5.0%)
Final tally: 315,828 (5.0%)
As PFP's most successful candidate, Nathalie also received a big 14.1% of the vote in San Francisco.

John Thompson Parker for U.S. Senate
Election night: 10,387
As of June 15: 18,720 (0.3%)
As of June 25: 21,591 (0.3%)
Final tally: 22,798 (0.3%)
John finished ahead of eight candidates in this race; with his 0.6% in San Francisco, he beat out *19 candidates* in the Senate race there.

The Peace and Freedom Party wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of thousands of California voters who cast their ballot for at least one PFP candidate. Your support quite literally made all the difference to us in their election and will keep your voice heard in 2022.

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