Peace and Freedom Party is proud to announce that two PFP candidates running in the June 5th California Primary have won endorsement in Juanita More’s Queer Agenda Voting Guide.

The Queer Agenda Voting Guide for the primary endorses the PFP’s Kevin Akin for State Treasurer and Nathalie Hrizi for State Insurance Commissioner. On the latter, the Queer Agenda Voting Guide notes that “A public school teacher and advocate for socialized health care and women’s liberation, Nathalie has a slim chance of making it to the general election in November, the primary is a perfect time to advance her forward-thinking platform.”

(PFP would like to point out, though, that Nathalie’s chances of finishing in the top two within the primary are far from hopeless. A Los Angeles Times article of May 29th cited poll results thusly:

“[Steve Poizner (I)] leads the field with 20.7% of voter preferences, according to a recent poll by Probolsky Research.

“[Ricardo Lara (D)] is in second place with 13.7%, followed by [Asif Mahmood (D)] with 6.3% and Hrizi with 5.9%. However, more than half of the respondents were undecided or declined to state their preference.” (Emphasis ours.)

The Queer Agenda guide also joins PFP and seemingly every left-of-Democrat party and organization in endorsing Gayle McLaughlin for Lieutenant Governor.


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