In April, Green Party of California (GPCA) leadership set a new historical precedent by announcing that, for the first time ever, they would be endorsing non-Green Party candidates for Election 2018.

On official press release at that time read in part:

“In addition to endorsing Green Josh Jones for Governor, the GPCA endorsed non-partisan Gayle McLaughlin for Lieutenant Governor, and four Peace and Freedom Party statewide candidates, John Parker for U.S. Senate, Mary Lou Finley for State Controller, Kevin Akin for State Treasurer, and Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner.

“Akin, who is the current State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party, said that the endorsements ‘are very helpful and much appreciated, and should help us get substantial votes in the June 5th primary. In these times of crisis, working people need to unite to defend themselves and push for peace, against austerity, and to protect our rights.’”

This morning, Peace and Freedom Party is thrilled to report that the San Francisco Green Party has also formerly endorsed the above-listed four candidates. An official statement posted on the SF Green Party website noted that “The SF Green Party hasn't always been on best terms with the local Peace & Freedom Party. In the interest of extending an olive branch, we’re endorsing the same four P&F candidates as the Green Party of California did in four races where there is no Green running.”

In like fashion to the GPCA, the PFP is in Election 2018 endorsing several independent and Green Party candidates. See our full list of endorsements for non-PPF candidates here.


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