In addition to endorsing our own slate of six statewide candidates, one Congressional candidate and one independent for Lt. Governor, the Peace and Freedom Party has also to date endorsed seven more candidates running for office in California's June 2018 primary election. The following are those seven candidates; for a list of Peace and Freedom Party candidates, please click here.

Jason KishineffJason Kishineff
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. Congress, 5th district

Inspired by Bernie Sanders to take over the Congress and end Citizens United, Jason is running for Congress with a goal of kicking corporate interests out of our political system, so that a people’s agenda may someday flourish. Some of my other priorities include stopping fracking and oil dependency; universal healthcare and college education; ending for-profit wars; real electoral reform that includes greater debate access for third parties; and reforming the racist criminal justice system.

Robert Christian RichardsonRobert Christian Richardson —
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. Congress, 7th district

As Chris tells it: “There are a number of issues that really need to be addressed, and i was thinking, 'Boy, somebody ought to do something.' Then i thought, 'Oh shit, that's me.’” So did the now-retired longtime VA Medical Center programming specialist decide to run for U.S. Congress representing California's 7th district comprising east Sacramento County. He promises to get the people more of a voice and right some wrongs in Washington. For much more from Chris, please click here.

 Angelica DueñasAngelica Dueñas
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. Congress, 29th district

Mother fighting for her kids' future and a future for all of us. The Angelica Duenas for Congress campaign is a grassroots movement of beautiful individuals dedicated to building a future of peace, justice, democracy and equality, all out of our love for humanity. We hope to build a future where All have the right to Shelter, Food, Education and Employment through a movement of Peace and Unity.

 Rodolfo Cortes BarraganRodolfo Cortes Barragan
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. Congress, 40th district

Rodolfo believes that the current structure of society is unsustainable, and that capitalism rewards self-interest at the expense of the community. Rodolfo’s opponent Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard has been rewarded well by the oligarchy during her term of office, neglecting her constituency as general health declines and homelessness increases – time for her to go in favor of progressive ideas and real solutions!

Eric FrameEric FramePeace and Freedom Party endorsee,
California State Senate, 6th district

Eric realizes that homelessness has increased dramatically in California and must be addressed: building affordable housing, providing a living wage for all, rent control, and reforming the inhumane high-cost healthcare system. Eric believes that the root of many problems we face starts with a lack of authentic representation. Eric Frame will represent the people, not the corporations.

Lawrence MurrayLawrence Murray — Peace and Freedom Party endorsee,
California State Assembly, 8th district

Lawrence is an independent candidate running in California’s 8th district on a platform of progressive stands seeking to ultimately provide carbon-free electricity and cars; personalized and/or free education for all; universal health care; and an environmentally sound future. For more on Lawrence’s campaign, click here

Carol BouldinCarol A. Bouldin — Peace and Freedom Party endorsee,
California State Assembly, 42nd district

As a Green Party candidate, Carol naturally supports clean energy solutions and the banning of fracking, but she also promises to fight for single-payer healthcare and electoral reform. An audio interview in which Carol outlines her positions in greater detail may be heard here, and Carol’s official campaign website may be seen at

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