Resolution adopted by the Officers of the Peace and Freedom Party on August 7, 2010:

WHEREAS Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) is a for-profit utilities corporation with earnings in the billions of dollars, and

WHEREAS PG&E spent over 40 million dollars of rate payer money on a ballot proposition to attempt to monopolize utilities in California, and

WHEREAS PG&E is planning to install so-called "Smart Meters" in all residences and businesses of its ratepayers, and

WHEREAS these "Smart Meters" are designed to eliminate hundreds of jobs at a time when unemployment is at a record high, and

WHEREAS these "Smart Meters" have reportedly resulted in "skyrocketing utility bills, interference problems, security and privacy concerns and risk of fires" where they have been installed, and

WHEREAS "Smart Meters" emit radio frequency radiation (RF) that may be harmful to people and the environment,

THEREFORE be it resolved that the California Peace and Freedom Party opposes all installations of "Smart Meters" by PG&E or any other utility provider.

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