Statement issued by Disability Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee on May 20, 2010.

The people of California once thought it would be cool to have a movie star for governor. Especially one who played good guys most of the time. What harm could he do?

But it’s now becoming clear that Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget plans are, if not criminal, at the very least profoundly evil. In his movies, Arnold is afraid of no one. It doesn’t matter how big, how powerful or how connected his foes have been. But as California governor he’s given winks and nods to the rich and powerful while brutalizing the poor and the weak. He has proven himself to be a coward with the heart of a grade-school bully.

As Californians continue to suffer the effects of a shattered economy and the disgraceful conduct of both major parties, who does the TerminHATER plan to punish with his new budget? Will he go after the bankers whose greed allowed this meltdown to occur? No. Does he target the rich and lazy investors who led us into the financial crisis? No. Will he pursue the wealthy oil companies who get a nearly free ride off our taxes and, in return, foul our environment? Nope.

Instead of going after real culprits, Arnold proposes to balance the budget by pulling the rug out from under poor people, children, the disabled and the elderly. Why? Because he’s too chicken to stand up to the rich and powerful no matter how much of a mess they’ve caused. It is so much easier, and safer, for him to attack the most vulnerable people – people who weren’t doing well even before this Great Recession.

The real solution to this state’s ongoing budget problems is to tax the people who can afford it – the rich and their corporations and then to increase our social safety nets so that the poor, the disabled, the elderly, the unemployed and the young can maintain a respectable standard of living while they seek to improve their lives and their communities.

But obviously, the Intimidator isn’t up to such a noble task.

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