A leaflet signed with the name of the Peace and Freedom Party Labor Committee, distributed at a demonstration by and in support of hotel workers in San Francisco on Tuesday 6 January 2010, was not properly authorized for issuance by any party body, does not represent the opinions or positions of the Peace and Freedom Party, and was repudiated by the State Officers when considered by them at their meeting on 10 January.

This leaflet appears to have been agreed to by three individual party members, who did not consult most members of the Labor Committee, or the State Chair or any of the Officers, including those who are members of the Labor Committee.

The officers particularly wish to disassociate the party from criticism of Richard Trumka as a "do-nothing," in a leaflet that was handed out as Brother Trumka was being arrested in a civil disobedience action along with Gloria La Riva, the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for Congress in San Francisco's 8th District, and over 100 hotel workers and their supporters.

We thank Brother Trumka for his willingness to put his body on the line in support of San Francisco hotel workers. We look forward to intensified work with an increasingly active labor movement over the coming months and years.

-Kevin Akin, California State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party, 14 January 2010
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