The Peace and Freedom Party of San Francisco fully supports the International Day of Action on November 21, 2009 to oppose religious laws in Britain and elsewhere. We are in solidarity with people living under and resisting Sharia, and we defend universal rights and secularism in the US and in every country of the world.

The growing effort of religious fundamentalists around the world in many countries to impose religious laws as the law of the state is an attack on democratic and human rights. The efforts to impose religious education in the US school system by Christian fundamentalists who demand that creationism or "Intelligent Design" be taught as "science" is part and parcel of the danger worldwide of these political religious movements. The Peace and Freedom Party supports the complete separation of religion and education in the public schools and opposes the imposition of religious laws in the laws of civil society.

The US government and US imperialism in fact supports religious laws in states that it supports politically such as Israel and Saudi Arabia. These laws threaten in particular the rights of women, in many countries living under religious law. Women are subject to criminal penalties for their dress and also for personal relationships in and outside their religious marriages. The San Francisco County Peace and Freedom Party defends all women and prisoners who have been jailed for opposition to Sharia laws and calls for the establishment of secular laws that protect democratic rights for all residents in every society.

We support and congratulate the organizers of this day on Universal Children's Day and the International Day For The Elimination of Violence Against Women and stand in solidarity with those human rights and political activists who are also taking a stand on this day.

For more information about this day go to:
One Law For All, No Sharia Campaign
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