Peace and Freedom Party calls for support and solidarity with the striking Ssangyong auto workers who have occupied their plant in Seoul and faced a brutal attack on their occupation by the police and company hired thugs.  A unionist's wife has been driven to her death by this repression including the use of government helicopters to spray tear gas with thinner on the workers thereby burnning and seriously injuring the workers.  The workers are stating that "Lay-offs are Murder" and the Peace and Freedom Party agrees with this statement.

We support the struggle of the Korean Media Worker Union NUMW who are fighting against legislation that will censor information and allow further suppression of democratic communication as well as laws that will allow companies to make their workers temporary for years.

Peace and Freedom Party will send letters to these unions and will put this statement on our website with links to further information.  We also support solidarity action by US workers and unions in support of Korean workers against these vicious attacks on labor and human rights by the US supported South Korean government.

Adopted by the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party, 2 August 2009.
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