Whereas, the defense of community radio is critical to free speech and KPFA and Pacifica has been an important vehicle for information and news that has been censored by the corporate controlled media, and

Whereas, there is a danger of growing corporatization and the threat of an NPR type operation at Pacifica, and

Whereas, KPFA management has eliminated the program council and also called in the police to arrest Black community programmer Nadra Foster,

Therefore be it resolved the Peace and Freedom Party oppposes corporatization of Pacifica and KPFA and opposes the NPR model for programming and calls on KPFA to publicly call for the dropping of all police charges against Black community programmer Nadra Foster, will help publicize her case and raise funding for her legal and medical costs and also calls for action to be taken against management who have resorted to the use of policae to deal with labor management issues and finally Peace and Freedom Party will send a letter to the national board of Pacifica and the management of KPFA.

Adopted by the State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party, 2 August 2009.
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