Whereas, the importance of building the labor movement and the growth of Peace and Freedom among working people is critical and,
Whereas, the issues of union democracy with rank and file membership control, international solidarity and building a democratic independent labor movement is crucial to defend all working people and,
Whereas, the financial crisis is being used to attack the 1.5 million public workers, students and working class recipients of benefits in the state of California and,
Whereas, the need to bring together labor and union activists in order to develop information, solidarity and strengthen the P and F Labor Website and P and F labor solidarity and activism and, Whereas, the economic, social and political problems without the development of socialist labor activists,

Therefore be it resolved the SCC supports a Statewide Peace And Freedom Party Labor Conference with reports on union and labor struggles, discussion of labor history of  working people and information on how to use media to get our messages out and that this convention will be held in April 2009

Adopted by the PFP State Central Committee on November 16, 2008
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