It is becoming clear that electronic voting systems adopted in many states and counties are not secure, are subject to manipulation, cannot provide the transparency of traditional vote-counting methods, and have gone through "testing" and "certification" that is largely farcical.

The Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee urges the adoption of legal safeguards, including a requirement for a voter-verified paper trail that can be physically examined and recounted after questionable elections. We urge legal prevention of corporate involvement in vote-counting, forbidding election officials from working for electronic voting corporations during or after their public employment, and thorough investigation of all activities of the corporations already exposed as law-breakers, including Diebold and Sequoia.

We urge our County Central Committees to work with other organizations and parties at the county and regional levels to protect the voting process and the accuracy and security of vote-counting. Our candidates are urged to raise this issue in their campaigns.

Adopted by the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee on 25-January-2004
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