Whereas, some Peace and Freedom Party activists have become committed to the campaigns of several left Presidential candidates who will be appearing on the ballot in other states, and may be independent or write-in candidates in California if they fail to obtain the Peace and Freedom Party nomination, and two such activists are candidates themselves for President or Vice President, and

Whereas, by the time our Convention chooses our national ticket, these comrades will be fully committed to work on these national campaigns, even if someone else is nominated,

Whereas, the State Central Committee may decide that those of its members who publicly support certain candidates will be exempted from the Elections Code and Bylaws provisions that permit the expulsion of members who support candidates opposed to those of our party, as it decided in 1996 under similar circumstances, 

Therefore be it resolved, that the Riverside County Central Committee and San Bernardino County Central Committees of the Peace and Freedom Party ask that at the Convention, at an early point in the meeting on 3 August, the State Central Committee adopt the following motion:
 “No one who supports the 2008 Presidential campaigns of Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, Gloria La Riva, or Brian Moore, or their Vice Presidential running mates, even in opposition to whoever is nominated for President and Vice President by the Peace and Freedom Party, will be expelled or disciplined in any way for that action by this State Central Committee or by any County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party.”

Adopted by the State Central Committee on August 3, 2008
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