Peace and Freedom Party is a feminist party and strongly supports a woman’s right to choose. It is her choice regardless of the opinion of the state, the church, or other people.

We need clear national laws protecting a woman’s right to make her own decision about how she will deal with her pregnancy. The decision to end a pregnancy is not a casual one, but it is hers alone, and should be. Yes, her partner should be encouraged to be involved, if possible, but the pregnant woman must have the final say.

Our society must support women with information and options. Abortions must be part of a free national medical system, with no restrictions on the medical practice of abortion. The only safe abortion is a legal one. Family planning information and support must be freely available to everyone.

We advocate for real choice, for all women to be able to choose to have a child and have a good life, too, with economic security, childcare for all, medical care and education for them and for their children – and the freedom for all to have good meaningful lives. Without these things no woman is truly free to choose.

The Peace and Freedom Party defends a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own body! Those citizens who oppose abortion have the right to their opinion, but they have no right to impose their personal belief on others.

– John Reiger
State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party

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