September 19, 2010

Divestment Initiative Endorsed by Peace and Freedom Party "in the interests of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples"

Endorsement of the Divestment Initiative now being circulated in California has been announced by Peace and Freedom Party State Chair C. T. Weber: "Our Party favors a just peace in the Middle East, and this requires an end to the Israeli occupation. The occupation has been bad for the whole region, including both Palestinians and Israelis. This is a way for Californians to make a real contribution to the peace process."

In a statement adopted by the Peace and Freedom Party State Executive Committee, the initiative is described as stopping investment of California state pension funds in companies that participate in settlement-building and arming of the occupation troops. The statement says "it is truly in the interests of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, all the peoples of the Middle East, and the American people as well." The party also favors withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the Middle East, and an end to all military aid to the region. U.S. military aid has "propped up unpopular and corrupt regimes."

The full text of the statement, and links to the text of the Divestment Initiative, can be found on the party website at

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