California Democracy Act is endorsed by Peace and Freedom Party

February 26, 2010

The California Democracy Act would abolish two-thirds vote requirements for legislative decisions on financial matters. The initiative petitions are now circulating. An endorsement of the initiative was announced today by Peace and Freedom Party State Chair Kevin Akin. He reports that the idea was endorsed by the State Central Committee at its last meeting in November, and an endorsement of this specific initiative was approved by the State Officers of the party today.

"Letting a one-third minority of legislators hold the state hostage to prevent appropriate taxation of the wealthy is a denial of democracy," Akin says. "Our party often objects to decisions made by majority vote, but rule by the majority is better than rule by the minority in the legislature. The majority should be responsible for its actions to the voters, but this will only work if the majority is indeed able to take action."

The Peace and Freedom Party, which Akin reports is running a full slate of candidates for statewide offices and Board of Equalization in 2010, describes itself as favoring "democracy, socialism, feminism, environmentalism, and racial equality."

"Real democracy in California can only come when we institute proportional representation in the legislature, so that all points of view are represented, and take the money out of politics. But passing the California Democracy Act will be a useful step away from the right-wing minority stranglehold on the legislature that has so hurt the working people of California," Akin states.

[Text of initiative: "All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote."]

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