Media Release August 17, 2009

Announcing its intention to challenge the Democrats and Republicans in 2010, a national organizing effort to build a new electoral party of the left has announced its interim leadership and basic unity statement. Debra Reiger of Sacramento, who also serves as North State Organizer of the Peace and Freedom Party, is the Interim Chair of the National Organizing Continuations Committee (NOCC). The committee was empowered to coordinate the multi-state effort at the National Organizing Conference held on August 1 in San Francisco. The Interim Secretary is Georgia Williams of Fresno, who also serves as Secretary of the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee.

"We oppose rule by the wealthy and their corporations" says Reiger. "Their bloody wars, their exploitation of workers, their oppression of working people and dissidents at home and abroad continue no matter which big-money party holds office. We are working to build a national slate of candidates for Senate, House of Representatives, and other offices in the 2010 elections - and that's just a start."

Williams comments that "Some people claim the Democrats are socialists. This is ridiculous. It becomes clearer every day that the Democrats are capitalists who serve the corporations and their wealthy owners. The NOCC serves as an umbrella organization for people and organizations who think the working people of our country should own the goods and services they produce and run the economy."

Welcoming the participation of existing organizations, the NOCC unity statement describes the coalition as "multi-tendency" and "non-sectarian." "We are building the umbrella organization that will enable a broad range of left activists to run for office," explains Reiger.

For further information, contact: Debra Reiger by email or by phone at (916) 698-8131

Unity Statement, as adopted August 9, 2009 by the National Organizing Continuations Committee (NOCC)

We agree that the Republican and Democratic parties through which the United States ruling class and its corporations exercise political power do not and cannot represent the working people of our country. The interests of working class people require that these parties be challenged from the left by an independent party based in the working class.

It is our intention to form a multi-state multi-tendency non-sectarian electoral organization committed to democracy, socialism, feminism, environmentalism and racial equality. We oppose discrimination based on sexual and gender orientation, immigration status, and all other barriers used to divide us. We oppose all U.S. wars, occupations and interventions. We seek broader ballot access for left candidates and campaigns.. We support and actively help fight for a democratic and militant union movement.

Our immediate goal is to qualify for the ballot a broad national slate of candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as other offices, in the 2010 elections. We expect this work to further the goal of bringing a left alternative to the voters nationwide, to represent the struggles of working people and all the exploited and oppressed for improved conditions and for real power over their own lives and the future of our country. We see this electoral initiative as being directly linked to organizing struggles in the workplaces, schools, and communities.
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