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August 19, 2017

"Attend Rallies Against Fascists," State Chair Urges Peace and Freedom Party Members

"Since the foundation of the Peace and Freedom Party fifty years ago, we have consistently opposed every racist and anti-Semitic demonstration by Nazis, the Klan, and all their open and hidden allies," State Chair Kevin Akin said in San Francisco on Saturday. "These enemies of all working people crave the power to kill millions of Americans, and we need to block them at every turn. In line with long-standing party policy, I ask everyone who possibly can to attend every rally, vigil, and march against the fascists and racists."

"Back in the 1920s, when the Klan and other racist gangs appeared headed for ascendancy, labor and left organizations were able to organize effective opposition in hundreds of towns and cities, and within a few years the Klan could no longer wear its robes and burn its torches in public, despite the support they had from many twisted right-wing politicians. The way to rein in the racist extremists today, too, is to make sure that they cannot appear in any public place without firm and massive opposition. No matter what kind of anti-labor racist reactionary extremist holds forth from the White House, if the people stop their enemies from rallying and recruiting, the Klan and the Nazis and their allies can be stopped. Please, every chance you get, speak out and demonstrate and march against them."

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