Sunday, March 10, 2013

Speaking for the California State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party on Sunday, State Chair Kevin Akin expressed "sympathy and solidarity with the working people of Venezuela, who have suffered the loss of their champion President Hugo Chavez."

"Hugo Chavez spent his life in efforts to improve the lives of Venezuela's workers, and all the downtrodden, the forgotten, the exploited and the oppressed. Even more importantly, he worked to empower them, so that they could improve their own lives and take control of their country from their exploiters."

"Excoriated daily by a press controlled by the workers' wealthy enemies, under daily threat of death from foreign and domestic forces that could not tolerate the thought, let alone the reality, of workers in power, and subject to every slander and attack his ruthless foes could imagine, Hugo Chavez held firm. And the Venezuelan people held firm, keeping Chavez and his supporters in power every time they had a chance, whether in elections or in reversing an attempted coup."

"Though Hugo Chavez did not live long enough to see poverty eliminated in Venezuela, under his presidency the poverty rate plunged sharply, providing an inspiration to us and to others around the world. Under very different social, political and historical conditions, we hope to end poverty in California and in the United States of America. We grasp the truth that Chavez demonstrated: if the workers themselves will it and join their forces in the effort, working people can exercise the power to improve their lives and take control of government and society from their exploiters and oppressors."

Akin's remarks are being conveyed to the Venezuelan people through official representatives of the Venezuelan government in the United States.


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