Primary Election June 8, 2010

The Propositions

Proposition 13 - [no position]
Proposition 14 - NO
Proposition 15 - YES
Proposition 16 - NO
Proposition 17 - NO
The following candidates are in contested primaries on the June Primary ballot.

Stewart A. Alexander
Mohammad Arif
Carlos Alvarez

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Leonard J. Martin

Note: Superintendent of Public Instruction is nominally a "non-partisan" office.

The following candidates will appear on the Primary ballot without opposition. Please vote for them to show your support. They will all appear on the November General Election ballot as nominees of the Peace and Freedom Party.

U.S. Senate: Marsha Feinland

Lt. Governor: C.T. Weber
Insurance Commissioner: Dina Josephine Padilla
Treasurer: Debra L. Reiger
Secretary of State: Marylou Cabral
Attorney General: Robert J. Evans
Controller: Karen Martinez

Board of Equalization:
1st District: Sherill Borg
2nd District: Toby Mitchell-Sawyer
3rd District: Mary Lou Finley
4th District: Nancy Lawrence

U.S. Congress:
3rd District: Mike Roskey
5th District: Gerald Allen Frink
6th District: Eugene E. Ruyle
8th District: Gloria E. La Riva
9th District: Larry Allen
30th District: Richard R. Castaldo
50th District: Miriam E. Clark

State Senate:
6th District: Lanric Hyland
26th District: Cindy Varela Henderson

State Assembly:
4th District: Daniel D. Frederick
5th District: Elizabeth Martinez
9th District: Daniel A. Costa
10th District: Albert R. Troyer

State and County Central Committees:

For a list of Central Committee candidates in each county, see this page.

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