We face unprecedented crises: economic collapse, COVID-19, environmental disaster, militarism and racism. Most deaths were preventable. Bailout funds went first to the rich corporations, leaving millions in desperate straits.

A national plan is urgently needed: Massive free testing, PPE, hazard pay for all workers; an income for every jobless person, through the pandemic. Cancel rents and mortgages for tenants, homeowners, small landlords and small businesses.

The billionaires and their two candidates insist that medical care remain a source of corporate profits. Abolish the parasitic medical insurance companies. Corporations and banks that make obscene trillion-dollar profits should be placed under public ownership. A job or income, housing, healthcare, education should be constitutional rights for all. Discrimination must end, whether based on race, gender, orientation, religion, immigration status, or disability.

Racism and police brutality continue whichever billionaire parties are in power. Freedom from oppression and exploitation can only be won through struggle. Free Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu-Jamal and all political prisoners!

We need a foreign policy based on friendship and peace, not war. Bring U.S. forces home from 800 foreign bases. End sanctions/blockades against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and other countries. Ban nuclear weapons.

Every gain for working people came through people organizing mass movements. We need to fight for reforms today, but ultimately we need socialism. Everyone knows who will win California's electoral votes. Use your vote to demonstrate that you support socialist solutions to the problems caused by the billionaires. Vote La Riva/Freeman!


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