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For Immediate Release

News Release, Peace and Freedom Party California State Central Committee

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Peace and Freedom Party Pledges Prop 8 Overturn, Human Rights Fight in 2010

"The fight for human rights is back on the ballot for 2010, and if it fails, then 2012," says Peace and Freedom Party State Chair Kevin Akin. Reacting to the California Supreme Court ruling upholding Proposition 8's ban on same-sex marriage, Akin reports that his party's State Central Committee is dedicated to whatever work is needed to wipe the constitutional amendment from the books.

"Frankly, we wouldn't be in this position if the leaders of the Democratic Party had not abandoned the fight for human rights," says Akin. "Even though Obama was obviously going to win the state, they failed to step up against Prop 8, in a cynical attempt to gain every vote possible in November. Without any leadership from their party, a great many Democrats voted for Prop 8, and it passed. This is part and parcel of a failure of the Democratic Party to support human rights around the world. The unending occupation of Iraq, sending more troops to prop up a hopelessly corrupt regime of warlords in Afghanistan, the brutal suppression of the majority in Haiti, the continuing exile of the Chagossian people from Diego Garcia, the reauthorization of the military commissions, and the list goes on - the Democrats have shown that they are basically continuing the Bush-Cheney policies abroad."

"And at home," Akin continues, " the much-touted reform to allow workers to join unions without persecution by their bosses has stalled in the Senate, with Senator Feinstein one of those who has discarded all pretense of support for labor rights. In California, rather than give us the tax reform we need, with the burden returned to the wealthy, the Democrats are cooperating with Governor Schwarzenegger to put the whole burden of the economic crisis on the working class. Terrible cuts in programs that even now fail to meet our needs will result in extreme poverty, sickness, and death. Anyone who still thinks a vote for the Democratic Party is a vote for human rights and the needs of working people is just not paying attention. Like the Republicans, the Democrats will do nothing to annoy their wealthy backers."

In addition to pushing for passage of an initiative to repeal Proposition 8, Akin reports that the Peace and Freedom Party plans to run a full slate of candidates for statewide offices in 2010, as well as many candidates for Assembly, State Senate, and the US House of Representatives. "Every Californian will have an opportunity to vote for candidates who really support human rights, and support the needs of the working class," says Akin. The Peace and Freedom Party, with ballot status in California, describes itself as favoring "socialism, feminism, democracy, environmentalism and racial equality."
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