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On Sunday, December 11, join Peace and Freedom Party activist Roger Harris and economist Allan Miller for a discussion of the "Triumph of Trump: Continutiy and Change in U.S. Politics".

When: Sunday, December 11 from 10:30am to 12:30pm
Where: Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library, 6501 Telegraph Ave, Oakland ( MAP )
What: forum on Trump's election
Sponsor: Institute for the Critical Study of Society
Contact: call 510-332-3865 or email cuyleruyle - at -
Cost: free

Triumph of Trump:
Continuity and Change in US Politics

WTF happened? The script was clear: with backing from the old-guard political leadership of both major parties, most corporate CEOs, Citizens United PACs, the mainstream media, celebrities, and high-ranking national security and military leaders, Hillary Clinton was headed towards what looked to be a historic landslide victory. Yet the Democratic Party is in shambles, and Donald Trump is headed to the White House in January.

Roger Harris of the Peace and Freedom Party will discuss the threat of fascism with the election of Trump. Is fascism a personality disorder or are there deeper political antecedents? Are they now present with a Trump presidency? How does a left narrative differ from a liberal one on the current potential for fascism and the threat posed by Trump?

Economist Allan Miller will discuss the election in the context of the ongoing capitalist economic crisis and neoliberalism. To what extent will the Clinton-Bush-Obama (and Hillary’s “big tent”) neoliberal trajectory continue under Donald Trump, and to what extent are we witnessing a watershed moment in American history? With a major world-wide recession, if not depression, looming, how will it play out after the weak, jobless “recovery” of the last recession?

For more on Donald Trump by Roger Harris, see

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