by Kevin Akin; this article was originally published in Partisan issue no. 27, printed April 2009.

1D. California Children and Families Act.

This legislative proposal would take money from programs set up by an earlier initiative, chopping the money for services for families and kids to balance the general fund budget. These services should not be cut, but increased, but despite some cleverly confusing language in this proposition, passing it would cut the funding and hurt children and families. Vote NO!

1E. Mental Health Services.

California voters decided with Proposition 63 to dedicate certain taxes on the highest incomes to mental health services. This legislative proposal would take some of that money away, using it to balance the general fund budget. In fact, the inadequate funding for these programs should be increased. The wording of this proposition tries to obscure its real effects, but what it actually would do is cut funding to vital mental health programs, and hurt patients and their families. Vote NO!

Kevin Akin, of Riverside County, is State Chair of Peace and Freedom Party.

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