This was originally published in Partisan issue no. 26, printed September 2008.

Marsha Feinland is the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for the State Senate in the 9th District. Feinland was the party's presidential pick in 1996 and has run for several other offices.. She has served three terms as the State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party. As an elected member of Berkeley's Rent Stabilization Board from 1994 to 1998 she helped keep rents low and encouraged owners to keep buildings in good repair..

Feinland believes that adequate housing is a fundamental right, and that we must protect people who live in foreclosed properties instead of bailing out the banks.

As a public school teacher for twenty-five years, she understands that parents, students and teachers are opposed to the constant testing that has taken the place of real education. She demands more funding to promote racial and economic equality in education,and supports Oakland teachers who want the Port of Oakland to help pay for the school system.

As an environmentalist she wants strict limits on all pollution in order to safeguard health and prevent climate disaster. She opposes the "cap and trade" policy which lets corporations buy and sell the right to pollute. She supports Richmond residents who want Chevron to stop polluting and to pay more taxes.

"We have enough wealth to provide quality housing, health care and education to everyone in California," states Feinland. "Most of us care about each other and want to protect our environment. But we are governed by people who want tax breaks and maximum profits for big business."

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