by Partisan Staff; this article was originally published in Partisan issue no. 25, printed May 2008.

Resolutions or statements adopted by the Peace and Freedom Party on current issues are posted on the party's statewide website at

To inform our readers of recently- adopted Party positions, some of the statements adopted in early 2008 are presented here.

ILWU May Day action.

In early March, PFP State Chair Debra Reiger, after consulting the State Executive Committee, declared that the Party endorsed the port shutdown the International Longshore and Warehouse Union planned for May Day as a protest against "this bipartisan and unjustifiable war in Iraq and Afghanistan." The Party had already endorsed the various May Day demonstrations held in hundreds of cities and towns.

At the State Central Committee meeting in Los Angeles on March 29 & 30, the Peace and Freedom Party adopted several resolutions.

Light brown apple moth.

The Peace and Freedom Party opposes state and federal plans for aerial and/or ground spraying of pheromones and pesticides on inhabited areas in California to eradicate the light brown apple moth (LBAM).

(The list of reasons that follows is reviewed in the story on page 3 of this issue of the Partisan.)

Therefore, we call for an immediate and unconditional halting of these spraying programs, and for a moratorium on endangering human health and the environment in attempts to safeguard agribusiness profi ts.

The Reconstruction Party.

Whereas, the National Organizing Committee for the Reconstruction Party has issued a call to support the formation of the Reconstruction Party, which is needed to address the myriad problems of institutional racism, national oppression, class domination, historical poverty and sexism that plague working people throughout this country,

Therefore be it resolved, that the Peace and Freedom Party answers the call and declares its support for the Reconstruction Party and stands in solidarity with its members and the principles upon which it has been founded.

Workers Memorial Day.

After a series of clauses enumerating abuses and crimes against injured workers, the statement adopted by the SCC says:

Be it resolved, the Peace and Freedom Party of California supports Workers Memorial Day events in Davis, California on April 27 and at the Downey Studios/ Landing/Kaiser Hospital on April 27 and will encourage members and injured workers to join in these events sponsored by the California Coalition for Workers Memorial Day and all other Workers Memorial Day events, and

Be it further resolved that Peace and Freedom Party will work to overturn SB899, the bill that deregulated workers compensation, and the Peace and Freedom Party supports a single-payer health care plan to include the workers compensation health care component.

Opposing threats to UHW.

The Peace and Freedom Party of California opposes the threats by President Andy Stern of the Service Employees International Union to place United Healthcare West SEIU-UHW in trusteeship because of their criticism of corporatism and labor-management sweetheart deals that the Stern administration is making.

We also support the SEIUUHW and SMART program of one person, one vote, and the right for all SEIU members to vote on all contracts, bargaining committee members and for the election by the rank and fi le of the international officers and local offi cers of the SEIU.

For Puerto Rico Teachers.

The Peace and Freedom Party of California supports the strike and struggles of the Puerto Rico teacher union, Teachers Federation of Puerto Rico, against the privatization of their education system and for wage increases and better conditions. We oppose the role of the SEIU to support the efforts of Anibal Acevedo Vila, Governor of Puerto Rico and a leader of the Popular Democratic Party, to destroy the union and support a raid on this union by the SEIU international.

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