This column was originally published in Partisan issue no. 25, printed May 2008.

Dear Editor,

I am a student at San Francisco State University and have been struggling for years to make ends meet while finishing my education. I have nine units I need to graduate, which means I should be able to finish this fall.

Unfortunately, the last class I need can only be offered in spring because there isn't enough money to pay for a professor for fall. I know of several other people who couldn't get into their last classes because there weren't enough instructors, and they, too, are stuck in school at least one extra semester.

Since I started school in 2002 fees have almost doubled. In mid- May I received notification that the fees would rise another ten percent. This is nothing but a tax on students because they are reluctant to tax those who should be taxed.

Schools should be fully funded. The only way to do that is to raise taxes on the rich.

Shushannah Akin, Daly City

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