This candidate profile was originally published in Partisan issue no. 25, printed May 2008.

Photo of Brian Moore Brian Moore was selected by the Socialist Party USA as its presidential nominee for the 2008 election. He visited Cuba to study the country’s health system, criticize the Cuban embargo and demonstrate the blackout of his 2006 U.S. Senate campaign in Florida.

Brian was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Latin America for three years and worked five years in South America in public health programs. Brian is fluent in Spanish. His American wife and adopted 11-year old son have Hispanic heritages.

Brian participated in anti-Vietnam War protests from 1968 through 1973 and now leads a Florida coalition against the Iraq War. With a Masters in Public Administration from Arizona State University, Brian worked 25 years for health maintenance organizations.

Brian is a socialist and has not been afraid in numerous interviews and forums to speak openly about democratic socialism and the history of radical politics in America.

Brian can attract non-socialist voters by demonstrating his identification with average citizens. He comes from a working class background, of modest economic means, has worked in factories, is an all-around athlete and has protested wars and Wal-Mart salary levels in public demonstrations.

Brian’s has a background of Franciscan training in an order dedicated to serving the poor. He worked in third world countries from 1969 thru 2000 (Puerto Rico, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Tanzania).

Brian strongly objects to unequal wealth and power, traditional political party corruption and unethical behavior. Brian is not intimidated by the status quo, nor appeals to loyalty or to personal gain and ambition.

Important issues: First, take control, restore and protect the basic elements for our existence: air, water, land and ecosystems. Develop renewable energy to replace nuclear power and fossil fuels.

Second, give major importance to the human needs of food, housing and health. Promote an environmentally sound agricultural system and a national health plan.

Thirdly, implement a fundamental transformation of the economy by focusing on human need and not on profit. This is to be done through community ownership and worker control of industry and financial institutions; resulting in the redistribution of wealth and elimination of global poverty.

Fourth, we call for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of American military and corporations from Iraq and Afghanistan, and convert from a military to a peace-oriented economy.

Fifth, defend and extend constitutional and bill of right liberties, abolish Patriot Act I & II and the Military Tribunal Bill. Sixth, promote art, culture, dance, music, history, preservation of heritage, leisure, recreation and access to public television and radio.

Stewart Alexander

Photo of Stewart Alexander Stewart A. Alexander of Riverside County is the Socialist Party nominee for Vice President, and seeks the Peace and Freedom Party nomination as Brian Moore’s running mate. He is a member of the California State Executive Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party, and was the party’s nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 2006.

“During this campaign I will be spreading the word about the Peace and Freedom Party,” says Alexander. “An active P&F member for some years, I found the platform of the Socialist Party USA quite similar, stressing the same issues. The urgent need for peace, for universal health care, for jobs and justice, for all the needs of working people - these are recognized by both the Peace and Freedom Party and the Socialist Party, and I would be proud to represent both parties during this campaign.”

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