This article was originally published in Partisan issue no. 22, printed January 2007.

In the California student mock elections held in October 2006, about 80,000 high school and middle school students picked candidates for US Senate and Governor.

The students first studied the Easy Voter Guide, reading the statements submitted by the candidates. In the state totals based on ballots from 381 schools, the Peace and Freedom Party candidates finished in a strong third place, with far more votes than they received from adult voters in the November 7 general election.

Marsha Feinland, Peace and Freedom nominee for US Senate, received 17.49% of the student vote, and Governor nominee Janice Jordan received 15.65%. The school-by-school results on the Secretary of State's website show that in many schools in working-class and high-minority neighborhoods, Feinland or Jordan or both actually finished in first place.

These results may indicate that the votes for Peace and Freedom Party candidates are likely to rise when the present students turn 18 and register to vote.

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