this was originally published in Partisan issue no. 21, printed September 2005.

Vote NO on Propositions 73 - 78
Vote YES on Propositions 79 and 80

October 24 is the last day to register for the November 8 Special Election

Vote November 8 Special Election

Statewide Measures

Proposition 73: No - Protect the privacy and reproductive rights of young women.
Proposition 74: No - No reign of terror in the schools. Protect job rights and freedom for teachers.
Proposition 75: No - Save working people's political rights.
Proposition 76: No - Don't give the governor dictatorial powers.
Proposition 77: No - No to phony electoral "reform" put forward for partisan advantage.
Proposition 78: No - Vote no to the drug companies' scam.
Proposition 79: Yes - Vote for lower drug costs and to stop price gouging.
Proposition 80: Yes - Consumer protection against energy company rip-offs.


Measure D: No - Stop the development scam; protect the environment and the people of the Livermore Valley.

San Francisco

Measure D: Yes - Metropolitan Transportation Commission reform.
Measure I: Yes - "College Not Combat." Put S.F. on record against military recruiting.

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