Twelve propositions will be listed on the November 2020 general-election ballot in California. The Peace & Freedom Party formally announces our endorsements for voting on these propositions. Click on any of the proposition numbers/titles to read more on the PFP position.

Proposition 14 – Bonds for stem cell research. NO. Bond financing profits wealthy investors at taxpayer expense.

Proposition 15 – Property tax. YES. Taxes commercial and industrial properties based on market value while keeping Prop 13 tax protection for housing and farmland.

Proposition 16 – Affirmative Action. YES. Repeals Prop 209 from 1996 that outlawed affirmative action.

Proposition 17 – Voting. YES. Gives the vote back to those released from prison on parole.

Proposition 18 – Voting. YES. Allows those who will be 18 by the general election to vote in the primary as well.

Proposition 19 – Property tax. No recommendation by PFP. Changes some property tax rules for transfers of housing ownership.

Proposition 20 – Law enforcement/incarceration. NO. Sends more to jail, stiffens penalties and reduces parole, when we should reduce prison populations.

Proposition 21 – Housing. YES. Changes state law to permit more local ability to control rents. Not perfect, but an improvement.

Proposition 22 – Business. NO. Would slash worker protections for app-based jobs to benefit the large corporations, i.e. Uber, Lyft, and Doordash, that put this on the ballot.

Proposition 23 – Healthcare. YES. Improves regulation of kidney dialysis clinics, forbids discrimination against Medicare and Medical patients.

Proposition 24 – Business. YES. Expands state consumer privacy protections, creates Privacy Protection Agency.

Proposition 25 – Trials. YES. End cash bail. Keep people from staying in jail solely because they don't have bail money.


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